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Anubhavinchu Raja Review-The comedy drama could have executed better!

Anubhavinchu Raja Review:

Anubhavinchu Raja Review
Anubhavinchu Raja Review

From the last few weeks, Raj Tarun’s film Anubhavinchu Raja has been promoted well by the makers. Now the film is running theatres. So let’s look at the review of the film.

Cast: Raj Tarun, Kashish Khan, Posani Krishna Murali among others.

Director: Sreenu Gavireddy


The Protagonist Raju(Raj Tharun) works as a security guard in Hyderabad. He falls in love with an IT girl( Kashish Khan). But his love story lands in trouble due to his profession. As this was not enough, a villain group attacks Raju but he survives miraculously. Why did these goons attack Raju, What is his village flashback!? forms the rest of the story.


Raj Tharun is brilliant in two different shades does a good job. He is sober as a security guard and evokes satirical fun as the rich village kid in the second half…

Kashish Khan makes an impressive debut and also acted decently. Tamil actor Naren does well as the village president.

After watching the first half, you could expect more from the second half. But that flow is not continued in the second half as the film shifts to a village as routine comedy and forced emotions are shown. The second half is a little bit lengthy.

The music by Gopi Sundar is very good and shot well. Camera work showcases the village visuals beautifully. Dialogues are fun and so was the production design. Editing is okay.

Coming to the direction department, Narration in the first half is good but he takes things for granted and does not highlight the drama as the proceedings in the second half are forced on the audience.

“Ammayi lu anna tarvata Konni Expectations untayi.. Kani Okadu Life lo ki vachaka avanni expire ayipotayi”
“Amma Viluva Puttina 9 Nelalaki telustundi.. Tandri viluva Tandri ayyaka ne telustundi..’ these dialogues are good and fit well.


Anubhavinchu Raja has a decent first half, But the second half falls flat with routine village politics. If you’re a fan of Raj Tarun’s previous films, you can go watch for some fun elements.

Moviezupp Rating: 2.5/5


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