Bigg Boss Telugu 7-Day 32: Captaincy Task Continues

Bigg Boss Telugu 7-Day 32: Captaincy Task Continues

The captaincy challenge in the episode left all the competitors perplexed as Shivaji and Prashanth fought with Yawar, and even Amar, Priyanka, and Sandeep disagreed with his choice. The fights amongst the competitors lasted a long time in the home.

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Except for Shobha and Gautam, every competitor was opposed to Yawar and had disagreements with him. Shivaji then soothes Yawar, but the other contenders, particularly Prashanth, Amar, and Priyanka, claim that Yawar’s positive image has suffered as a result of his poor decision.

Following that, Bigg Boss assigned the contestants a second task called “Dorikithe Donga… Dorakka Pothe Dora.” The contestants were instructed to grab the items of Bigg Boss without disturbing his sleeping friend in the activity area. According to the big boss’s instructions, the winners would receive extra points. Yawar and Shobha got into a brawl during the task.

Bigg Boss Telugu 7-Day 32: Captaincy Task Continues

Bigg Boss finally named Shivaji and Prashanth the first couple because they had fewer undesired goods, and they received three stars. Priyanka and Shobha finished second with two stars, while Subhashree and Gautam finished third with one star. Bigg Boss then announced the third challenge in the captaincy task, which was called Fruit Ninja.

The candidates were instructed to throw the fruits into buckets that would be placed on their friends’ heads and used to make juice. Yawar and Teja took first place, Amar and Sandeep came in second, and Shivaji and Prashanth came in third.