Chiranjeevi’s role is stunning and powerful: Koratala Siva

Megastar Chiranjeevi’s upcoming film ‘Acharya’, which is being helmed by top director Koratala Siva, was called off shooting after Telangana Government announced its plans to shut down theaters due to corona pandemic. And here comes some good updates fans are eagerly waiting to hear about the movie.

Koratala Siva and Chiranjeevi

Due to Chiru’s last outcome Syeraa movie delay, Koratala’s film took time to start and so far the director has completed 40% of the shoot. He said “Though I can not say if we are gonna meet the release date set for this year ot not, I am confident enough that will wrap the shoot at the earliest,” expressing his worry if the movie might get postponed to next year.

Regarding the Chiru’s role in the movie, Koratala clarified to give a terrific never before seen kind of the treat to Mega fans. he said, “Aware of the image of Chiranjeevi sir, we have to design a powerful role for him. And the role I carved out will give not just a message but will be powerful and stunning. Fans will enjoy it like anything”.


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