Corporator Movie Review and Rating

Corporator Movie Review

Corporator movie review
Corporator movie review and rating

Cast: – Shakalaka Shankar, Sunita
Producers: – S.V. Madhuri
Music Director: – MLP Raja
Director: – Sanjay Punuri


An incident in PK (Shakalaka Shankar) pushes him to be a Corporator. He rigorously campaigns and wins with a majority of 15 votes over the Opposition Party. He became the new corporator of Vijayawada 48th Ward. What is PK going to do now? Did PK really rape a girl? Who is doing these conspiracies? What’s going to happen in the end? If you want to know what happened, you have to watch this movie in the theatre.


Shankar gave the best performance as the lead actor. He entertained the audience with his comedy timing. The rest of the cast also did well to adapt to their respective roles. Debut director Sanjay Punuri has written a good story with a political background. Jagadish Kumar’s camera work is good. MLP Raja background music is appropriate. The movie is nice without being boring. The Interval twist is excellent. The climax fights and the dialogues are good.

The story and narration are very good. Shakalaka Shankar gave the best performance. The music is quite satisfactory. Production values are excellent. Editing is perfect.

All in all, there is no doubt that Corporator will be the best film of Shankar’s career. From the beginning of the film, Shankar entertains the audience with his performance. The film is made without unnecessary scenes.

Finally, Shakalaka Shankar starrer Corporate movie won hearts of his fans and decent to watch in theatres.

Rating: 3/5


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