Fans compare Chiranjeevi’s Godfather to Mohanlal’s original

Fans compare Chiranjeevi’s Godfather to Mohanlal’s original

The teaser for the Chiranjeevi-starring film The Godfather compares to Mohanlal’s original.

The audience has been giving the Chiranjeevi starrer Godfather, which also stars Bollywood actor Salman, some mixed reviews. The teaser for the Megastar’s film The Godfather compares to Mohanlal’s original film Lucifer.

Fans of Mohanlal did not satisfied with the recently released teaser for Chiranjeevi’s Godfather. The movie is a remake of the 2019 Malayalam box office sensation Lucifer. On the eve of Megastar Chiranjeevi’s birthday, the Godfather teaser was released, and while some people loved it, the majority found it to be unimpressive. Because they did not like how the teaser turned out, Mohanlal fans started comparing the two films as the hashtag “Lucifer” started to trend on Twitter.


The Godfather will be released on October 5, 2022. The movie’s teaser featured Chiranjeevi in an avatar that was jam-packed with action. Salman Khan, who is making his Telugu film debut with a special role, was also visible in the film’s first trailer. The Godfather teaser also features a picture of the lead actress, Nayanthara. When clips from Chiranjeevi‘s eagerly anticipated movie appeared on social media, his fans rejoiced.

The Godfather teaser failed to impress some social media users. While posting stills from the Telugu remake of the political drama film Lucifer on social media, many people commented on how the film’s tone had changed.

Check out a few of the tweets below:


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