Music Director Sri Vasanth Finds Success as Dialogue Writer with Vijay Sethupathi’s Maharaja

Sri Vasanth, a talented individual who transitioned from writing to music direction has made a significant mark in the Tollywood film industry. He gained widespread recognition with his work on the movie Sudigadu starring Allari Naresh which showcased his skills as a music director. Since then he has contributed to many super hit movies.

Recently, Sri Vasanth worked as both lyric writer and dialogue writer for the film Maharaja which was released on June 14. Directed by Nidhilan Swaminathan and produced by Sudarshan Sundaram and Jagadish Falaniswamy, Maharaja marks Vijay Sethupathi’s 50th film. The movie has been well-received with Vasanth’s musical contributions being highlighted as a key element of its success.

One of the standout songs from “Maharaja” is “Amma Neeke Nannayyana.” Shri Vasanth’s vocals, combined with Ajanis Lokanadh’s music have made this song particularly popular.

“Maharaja” is Vijay Sethupathi’s 50th film and is being celebrated as an engaging crime thriller. Audiences have responded enthusiastically appreciating the film’s gripping narrative and musical score. Meanwhile, Sri Vasanth expressed his joy in contributing to the movie stating that writing words and songs for a quality film brings him immense happiness.

In addition to his musical talents Sri Vasanth also owns a dubbing company called “Post Pro Media Works.” This company dubbed the movie “Maharaja” and has been involved in other successful projects such as “Karthikeya 2.” The success of these projects further underscores Shri Vasanth’s versatility and dedication to the film industry.


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