“Ustaad” Movie Review: Slow Pace of The Movie Effected The Good Story.


Hero-Sreesimha Koduri
Heroine- Kavya Kalyan Ram
Cast- Gautham Vasudev Menon, Ravindra Vijay, Ravi Sivateja, Anu Haasan and others..
Director- Phanideep
Producer- Rajini Korrapati-Gaddam Rakesh – Himank Duvvuru
Music- B. Akiva
Cinematography- Pawan Kumar Pappula

Keeravani’s son Sreesimha Koduri, who made his debut with a content film like “Matthuvadalara”, was not very impressed with his subsequent films. Especially Sreesimha’s previous film was a major disappointment. But he put a lot of hope in “Ustaad”. The released trailer has also created good expectations for the movie. Let’s see if Ustaad reached the audience’s expectations or not!

Story: Surya (Srisimha) is an ordinary young man. Losing his father at a young age, he grows up with his mother (Anu Haasan). A bike (Ustad) bought by his mother accompanies Surya, who is suffering from a mental problem. Ustaad becomes a major part of Surya’s life. From his first love with Meghna (Kavya Kalyan Ram) to his ambition to become a pilot, Ustaad is a part of everything. This film is about Surya’s journey with Ustaad.

Acting Performances: Sreesinha delivers a commendable performance in two different shades. Especially the way he cultivates anger on screen is good, it’s a variation that connects with the youth audience. The way Kavya Kalyan Ram is growing with his script selection is commendable. A big plus for her career is the way she is progressing in her career with character-driven roles without getting tempted by commercial films. Ravindra Vijay, Anu Haasan, and Ravi Shivteja have done justice to their roles. 

Technical Aspects: Akiva seems to be okay with the background music, but he is not able to entertain even the least when it comes to the songs. And to be fair, those songs could not elevate the lyrics at all. Pawan Kumar’s camera work is neat. 

The depth of the story written by director Fanideep is lacking when the movie came onto the screen. The way some faces of life are shown from the perspective of a bike is good, but he took more than necessary time to establish the characters and elevate the emotions.

This caused the lag which was too much in the two-and-a-half-hour-long movie. However, it would have been better if the movie had been made in the same manner as the trailer was cut.

Analysis: “Ustaad” is a movie that can connect with the youth audience who treat bikes like family. It would have been a good movie in Sreesimha’s career if he had been a little careful about the story and screenplay.

Our Rating: 2.5/5