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Young Tiger Tarak Nominates Chiru,Nag, Balayya and Venky

 In Quarantine times, some Tollywood actors and directors are busy spending the time in giving the challenges for fellow actors and colleagues. Recently Star director Rajamouli nominated Young Tiger Jr. NTR for #Betherelaman challenge. Taking up Director’s challenge, NTR Jr on Tuesday put out a video clip in which he is seen mopping the floor and sweeping in the front yard of his house. And young Tiger said, “it’s important not just to share affection with family members but also their chores.”

 The RRR lead made the challenge more exciting by nominating the Big Four of Telugu Film Industry. “I now nominate Bala babai, Chiranjeevi garu, Nagarjuna babai, and Venkatesh Garu,” he said, adding also the top director Koratal Siva to the list.

 It will be fun to see if the Big Four unveil their video clips at the same time. The RRR actor will have delighted their large fan bases in no time. We might get to see if Pawan Kalyan would be added to the list later.


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