Akhil’s Agent film shoot is in the final stage, to release on April 28

Akhil’s Agent film shoot is in the final stage, to release on April 28

Akhil’s Agent has been in its filming stage for quite some time and has seen several delays due to the sheer scale of the project. The film will be the biggest one ever for both the director, Surender Reddy, and Akhil himself, and the makers are sparing no expense to ensure the best possible output.

The film was launched back in April 2021, and after almost two years of filming, it has finally reached its final stages. All shooting parts have been completed, excluding a major action sequence that is planned to be shot in a foreign location. Once the shoot ends, the team has planned a non-stop promotional blitz from March.

The budget of the film has almost touched 90 Cr, a massive sum for any film, and this puts even more pressure on the promotional team to ensure a positive buzz. The team is planning to roll out a series of teasers that will surely get people talking about the film.

The film boasts of some high-octane action sequences and chases, and it is sure to be a visual spectacle. Akhil’s Agent is set to be one of the biggest films of the year 2023, and the team is ready to take on the challenge and make it a huge success.


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