Faria Abdullah and Santosh Film Titled ‘Like Share and Subscribe’

Faria Abdullah and Santosh Film Titled ‘Like, Share, and Subscribe

Aamuktha Creations and Venkat Boyanapalli’s Niharika Entertainment are producing a love and entertainment movie starring young actor Santosh Sobhan and skilled filmmaker Merlapaka Gandhi. The actress in lead is Faria Abdullah, who gained fame with Jathi Ratnalu.

Faria Abdullah and Santosh Film Titled 'Like, Share, and Subscribe'
Faria Abdullah and Santosh Film Titled ‘Like, Share, and Subscribe

The movie is titled ‘Like Share & Subscribe’, and is well-known among YouTube viewers. The bewildered spirits of Santosh Sobhan, Faria Abdullah, and Nellore Sudarshan are depicted in the first look poster as being in a forest. The first look poster is intriguing and gives the idea that the movie will appeal primarily to young people.

The shooting for the movie is almost done. The movie is being made by Aamuktha Creations and Niharika Entertainment. Merlapaka Gandhi has come up with an unusual concept for the film, which is billed as a love story with sufficient entertainment.

Hero Santosh Sobhan has recently dazzled with his selection of scripts, and the untitled film starring Merlapaka Gandhi is likely to be another unique film. The rest of the cast and crew will soon be revealed.


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