Guntur Kaaram Shatters Records with Epic Release in Hyderabad City!

Guntur Kaaram Shatters Records with Epic Release in Hyderabad City!

The much-anticipated release of Superstar Mahesh Babu’s film, “Guntur Kaaram,” is just a day away, and the excitement among audiences is reaching a fever pitch. This marks the Superstar’s return to the big screen after a hiatus of almost two years, further elevating the anticipation surrounding the film. The pre-release buzz and hype for “Guntur Kaaram” have soared to unprecedented levels, with advance booking trends showcasing the immense eagerness of moviegoers to witness the Superstar in action.

Guntur Kaaram Shatters Records

As the Guntur Kaaram mania takes over, the film is gearing up for a record-breaking release in Hyderabad. Despite the festive season and the simultaneous release of other movies, Trivikram’s directorial venture is emerging as the top choice for a majority of cinema enthusiasts. Surpassing the release scale of pan-India blockbusters like “RRR” and “Salaar,” Guntur Kaaram’s theatrical debut in Hyderabad is a testament to its unparalleled popularity.

During the release of “RRR,” additional shows and 1 am screenings were restricted due to permission issues. Similarly, “Salaar” faced competition with the Dunki factor, boasting close to 400 shows in Hyderabad city on its opening day. In contrast, Guntur Kaaram enjoys a unique advantage, as it faces minimal competition from older releases, and “Hanuman” is not securing as many shows. Consequently, Guntur Kaaram is set to achieve an all-time record release in Hyderabad, surpassing its contemporaries.

Guntur Kaaram Shatters Records with Epic Release in Hyderabad City!

Advance bookings on major platforms have already reached an impressive range of 10 crore, poised to break the previous record set by “RRR” at 10.8 crores. With the potential for an exceptional surge in bookings by the night, the film could even surpass the 12 crore mark in advance bookings.

A positive reception and favorable word of mouth are anticipated to propel Guntur Kaaram to establish record-breaking opening numbers, setting the box office ablaze. The stage is set for the Superstar’s triumphant return, promising a cinematic spectacle that will captivate audiences and leave an indelible mark on the box office charts.

Get ready to witness the magic of Guntur Kaaram, as it’s all set to take the box office by storm!