Niharika Konidela has found her love, gets Engaged

They have been a lot of rumors and buzz about Niharika Konidela’s marriage since her father spoke about the actress getting married this year. The Tollywood actress recently posted a pic on Instagram in which she is seen hugging her beau and captions peek a boo. Comments and compliments are poured in for her post.


Earlier, Niharika’s father Nagababu stated that his family was looking out for a perfect guy for her and the wedding would take place the next year. The source close to the family revealed that the groom has been found and he is from the same community from Guntur district.

There are reports that a small family ceremony between both families has been held privately. Ceremony Photos have not come out. For the recent pic of Niha’s Instagram, many commented asking to reveal his face. Mega fans are really excited to see them at the wedding soon.

In this lockdown times, Many Tollywood celebrities have got hitched. Actor Nikhil got married and Rana Daggubati and Nithin are engaged. Niharika Konidela has now joined the club.



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