RGV’s Murder trailer out

Tollywood director Ram Gopal Varma is not taking free time like other directors in the Lockdown. His recent movie Power Star, that based on Pawan Kalyan created a lot of buzz and released. It got mixed reactions from the audience.


Ram Gopal Varma made headlines once again with his another film ‘Murder’ based on infamous murder of Pranay who was murdered by girl’s father Maruti Rao. Recently Ram Gopal Varma took to his Twitter to unveil the trailer of murder which is grabbing attention.

The movie is based on the caste based killing. Sahitya Avancha is playing the role of Amrita,whereas Gayatri Bhargavi playing the role of her mother. Directed by Anand Chandra the film is produced by Natti Karuna and Natti Kranti, the film’s story is written by RGV.

On the other side, responding to Pranay’s father petition, the Nalgonda court ordered police to file a case against Ram Gopal Varma and the producer. Let’s wait and see whether the film gonna release or not.


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