Story is not ready for Mahesh Babu: Rajamouli

 Star Director has recently stated that as he has a commitment to KL Narayana to make a movie with Superstar Mahesh Babu. Ever since there have been rumors about the story as it would be James Bond type story or a mythological film etc. And now, the director himself has jumped into the scene to give clarity about it.


“Usually I don’t think about the story of my next project until I wrap the present movie. For now, there is no story developed or even an idea for Superstar’s film. I’ve only clarified that my next film will be with Mahesh Babu and KL Narayana” says Rajamouli. He added ” generally my father (Vijayendra Prasad) asked me if we could sit during the lockdown times to prepare the story for Mahesh, but that didn’t happen.  If there is any chance of extension of lockdown further, I may look churn out some ideas even before RRR releases.”

 Well, Rajamouli has a habit of developing the characterizations first and then preparing a story around it. So far now, there is no story or script ready for Mahesh Babu. And Superstar fans have to wait for some more time to get a treat from the director.


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