Vishwak Sen Fires on Devi Nagavalli, Here is RGV’s comment on Devi!

Vishwak Sen Fires on Devi Nagavalli, Here is RGV’s comment on Devi!

Tollywood actor Vishwak Sen’s suicide attempt prank in Jubilee Hills as part of ‘Ashoka Vanamlo Arjunakalyanam‘ movie promotion went wrong. It has been criticized by some and reported to the Human Rights Commission. TV9 held a discussion on the topic, calling these promotional tactics abetment to suicides and setting bad examples. All is well up to that point.

Vishwak Sen was invited to the studio. But anchor Devi Nagavalli has used captions such as Depressed hero or Paagal Sen.

 Vishwak Sen replied angrily, “You don’t have the right to personally attack me.” Vishwak Sen stated, “You better be careful with your tongue. You should not call me Paagal Sen or Depressed person.” Devi Nagavalli, a senior anchor and host of the debate, was shocked by the act of defiance and began shouting at the actor to get out. Although she attempts to act normal, her shock and disbelief can’t be hidden. It was a terrible idea. 

If HRC thinks Vishwak Sen is wrong, HRC should reprimand him.  but calling him names such as Paagal Sen or Depressed Person is not good media ethics.

Director RGV took to Twitter and made comments on this debate. Ram Gopal Varma tweeted, “I never saw a woman looking so much more powerful than a man @Devi_Nagavalli⁩ is no less than SARKAR.”

source: Twitter



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