2 Big Announcements from Viay Devarakonda

 Rowdy Boy Vijay Devarakonda announced that he will be helping out needy middle-class people from the Telugu states through his foundation named ‘The Devarakonda Foundation.’ 

 Those wishing to donate can do it through https://thedevarakondafoundation.org. Inspired by his vision, ‘RX 100’ fame Karthikeya donated Rs 1 lakh.  Big director Siva Koratala also promised to collaborate with the Rowdy hero to help the needy people.

 ‘Dear Comrade’ actor made 2 big announcements in an 11-minute video that his goal is to give jobs to 1 lakh needy people and donate money through the foundation for needy people. 

 In the video, Vijay Devarakonda said that he was not prepared financially when the pandemic broke out and he had to pay salaries to the staff at his production house named ‘King of hill.’ 


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