Ajith and Tamil Fans Unleash Fury on Meher Ramesh For Labelling Vedalam as a Cringe!

Whenever there are remake films made from Tamil to Telugu or vice versa, it is inevitable to avoid comparison between the original and remake versions. Nowadays, even before the release of a film, fan wars, and comparisons start because netizens are eager to watch any promo or new poster of a particular film and compare those promotional materials with the original film. This phenomenon is currently happening with Megastar Chiranjeevi’s upcoming mass entertainer, Bhola Shankar.

Ajit's fans are angry on Mehar Ramesh for his comments
Ajit’s fans are angry on Mehar Ramesh for his comments

The film’s director, Meher Ramesh, recently talked about Bhola Shankar’s original film, Vedalam, and mentioned that it has more cringe elements. However, this statement has not been well-received by fans of the Tamil film industry, especially the fans of Thala Ajith Kumar, who starred in the original Vedalam. The comments made by Meher Ramesh have sparked anger among Thala Ajith’s fans and other Tamil film industry enthusiasts.

They feel that the director’s remarks were disrespectful towards the original film and its star. The fans have taken to social media platforms to express their disappointment and frustration with Meher Ramesh’s comments. In such situations, fan wars and comparisons between the original and remake films are not uncommon. Fans are passionate about their favorite stars and films, and any remark that seems derogatory or dismissive can trigger a strong reaction from them.

Meher Ramesh is now facing the heat of the Tamil film industry’s fans, who are demanding an apology and expressing their displeasure with his statement.

As Bhola Shankar gears up for its release, it remains to be seen how Meher Ramesh and the film’s team will address the backlash and whether they will take any steps to mend the relationship with Thala Ajith’s fans and the Tamil film industry as a whole.