Animal’s OTT Release Faces Legal Hurdles!

Animal’s OTT Release Faces Legal Hurdles! 

In a dramatic turn of events surrounding the much-anticipated digital release of Animal, the legal arena takes center stage as the Delhi High Court summons T-Series and Netflix India. This summons comes in response to a lawsuit filed by Cine1 Studios Private Limited, a co-producer of the film starring Ranbir Kapoor, seeking to halt the film’s release on any streaming or satellite platform until their contractual grievances are resolved. The looming legal troubles cast a shadow over fans eagerly anticipating the film’s digital release on Republic Day.

Animal's OTT Release

The crux of the matter lies in the lawsuit brought forth by Cine1 Studios against T-Series, accusing the latter of breaching the terms of their contractual agreement regarding Animal. At the heart of the dispute is T-Series’ alleged violation of these terms by failing to seek consultation or obtain consent for various aspects, including the release of pre-teasers, credits, marketing strategies, and the disclosure of final costs. Additionally, Cine1 asserts that T-Series withheld crucial information about agreements with Netflix India for internet rights and Sony Pictures Networks India for satellite rights.

T-Series, in defense, contends that Cine1 Studios willingly relinquished all intellectual property and derivative rights for a sum of Rs 2.6 crores through an amendment agreement executed in August 2022. Senior Advocate Amit Sibal, representing T-Series, vehemently contradicts the allegations made by Cine1.

Animal’s OTT Release Faces Legal Hurdles! 

Justice Sanjeev Narula has accepted the lawsuit, initiating a legal duel that could potentially postpone the digital release of Animal. Summons have been issued to both defendants, compelling them to submit written statements and affidavits. The court has set a timeline, aiming to complete the case and mark evidence by March 15, with the framing of issues to follow.

Additional submissions are scheduled for January 22, during which the legal teams will comprehensively present their arguments, providing a stage for the intricate legal dance to unfold. As the saga continues, the fate of Animal’s OTT release remains uncertain, leaving fans in suspense and adding a layer of intrigue to the unfolding legal drama.