Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Priya’s Personal Remarks On Lahari Spark Outrage!

Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Priya’s Personal Remarks On Lahari Spark Outrage

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 contestant Priya, who looked calm and composed up until recently is now in the firing line for making derogatory comments on Lahari.
In the recent elimination episode in Bigg Boss Telugu season 5, Priya made a derogatory comment on Lahari and Ravi.
“Last night, I saw Lahari and Ravi hugging each other. It made me feel awkward,” Priya said. This comment sparked outrage in the Bigg Boss house and as well as social media. Everyone is opining that Priya has stooped to a new low by trying to sling mud on Lahari and Ravi.
Lahari reciprocated with a whole lot of vigour. “How can you (Priya) stoop to character assassination? How do you think my kid will react after listening to your comment? I see Ravi as my brother. I hugged him after he told me it was his birthday. You can’t make your own assumptions and speak ill of me,” she said.
Even netizens have been breathing fire on Priya as they opine that she has lost the respect due to his highly provocative and offensive comments on Ravi and Lahari.
Priya then openly apologized to everyone in the house by falling on her knees. But Ravi launched a scathing attack on her, saying she is trying to win the sympathy of the audience by falling on her knee.
Priya’s comments have sparked an outrage and she has suddenly emerged as the most hated contestant in the Bigg Boss house.  

At the same Lahari has not only gained the support of netizens and audience, but she also won hearts of viewers for her behaviour. As she did not indulge in the war of words with Priya in a vulgar way, she loudly and firmly shouted and defended her self-respect but didn’t stoop down to the level of commenting Priya by targeting her personally.

This episode is surely a huge setback for Priya in audience view and similarly showcased the maturity of Lahari making her even more strong contender.


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