Bigg Boss Telugu 7: Ambati Arjun Wins Eviction Free Pass!

Bigg Boss Telugu 7: Ambati Arjun Wins Eviction Free Pass!

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 7, the eviction free pass task took center stage, with Arjun Ambati emerging as the winner. However, Bigg Boss had a surprise twist in store for him towards the end, adding to the excitement and suspense. Alongside this thrilling turn of events, there were also intense arguments between Rathika Rose, Pallavi Prashanth, Arjun Ambati, and Shobha Shetty during the ranking task. The episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 7 kicked off with the housemates waking up to the energetic beats of the song “Kodithe Kottali Ra” from Megastar Chiranjeevi’s movie Tagore. They were then instructed to rank each other from 1 to 10, a task that would lead to heated debates and disagreements.

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Rathika Rose aspired to secure the fifth position, but the majority of the housemates believed she deserved the tenth spot. Despite her attempts to argue her case, Gautam and Shivaji managed to convince her to stand in tenth place.

Next, Ashwini positioned herself in the fifth spot, but most of the housemates decided she deserved the ninth place. Amardeep, on the other hand, desired the first position, but the housemates unanimously fixed him in sixth place. This led to some tension and disappointment.

Shobha Shetty confidently claimed the third position, but the majority of the housemates felt she should stand in fifth place instead. Priyanka Jain believed she deserved the second position, but the housemates believed she performed better in the fourth position. These differences in opinion sparked a major argument between Arjun Ambati and Rathika Rose during the discussion. Similarly, there was a heated exchange between Rathika Rose and Pallavi Prashanth during the task, as they both vied for a higher rank.

Shivaji, amid the chaos, settled for the second position, and most of the housemates believed he deserved the first spot. Following that, Prince Yawar garnered the majority of votes for the second position. Notably, Ashwini and Yawar engaged in a fiery argument during the task, adding more drama to the proceedings.

Next, Gautam Krishna secured the majority of votes for the seventh position, while Arjun Ambati landed in the eighth spot. At this point, Bigg Boss announced that the housemates would be competing for the eviction-free pass. However, there was a twist – only the contestants who ranked from 6th to 10th would be allowed to participate in the task.

Bigg Boss Telugu 7: Ambati Arjun Wins Eviction Free Pass!

Gautam Krishna, Arjun Ambati, Amardeep Chaudhary, Ashwini, and Rathika Rose were selected for the cool puzzle task. Shivaji assumed the role of Sanchaalak for this particular challenge, and ultimately, Arjun Ambati emerged as the winner. Bigg Boss then revealed that Arjun would have to defend his eviction pass and that further instructions would be provided to him.

This episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 7 was filled with intense arguments, unexpected twists, and nail-biting moments. As the competition continues, viewers eagerly await future episodes to see how the events unfold and which contestants will rise to the top.