Bigg boss Telugu 7-day 17: Confessions Made Yawar Angry!

Bigg boss Telugu 7-day 17: Confessions Made Yawar Angry!

The nominations had a significant impact on each contestant since everyone had several discussions about many topics, both within themselves and in groups. In addition to performing poorly in her game, Rathika felt confused. Meanwhile, Amardeep and Tasty Teja plotted to steal Shivaji’s Power Astra.

All of the participants worked together to create a beautiful miniature idol of Lord Ganesha, perform Pooja, and celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi. During tiffin, Amardeep and Priyanka had a minor disagreement, which caused the latter to leave the table. Priyanka was also disappointed that no one recognized her efforts.

Following that, the big boss gave the third Power Astra mission to three participants, for which they got three weeks of immunity. Bigg Boss personally chose the contestants for the task. Amardeep, Shobha Shetty, and Prince Yawar were the contestants chosen by Bigg Boss. Prashanth was disappointed that he had not been chosen for the mission.

Bigg Boss called him to the confession area, where he sobbed uncontrollably and admitted to failing to live up to the game. Prashanth stated that Shobha Shetty does not deserve to be a contender. Following that, Bigg Boss called the other candidates and asked which was the undeserving candidate among the three.

Priyanka stated that Shobha and Amardeep are both undeserving, and Subhashree also mentioned Shobha’s name. Teja mentioned Yawar’s name. Damini chose the name Yawar as well. Gautam said to Bigg Boss that Shobha was undeserving, while Rathika mentioned the name Yawar.

Bigg boss Telugu 7-day 17: Confessions Made Yawar Angry!

Meanwhile, Amardeep stole Shivaji’s Power Astra, and the contenders had a few amusing moments discussing their task. Rathika and Prashanth then got into a furious quarrel. Finally, Bigg Boss added a twist by letting the Power Astra competitors watch the confession room tapes.

After seeing the video, Prince Yawar felt bad and vented his rage on Teja and others. The candidates were terrified by Yawar’s behavior. Shivaji, too, felt bad and warned the person who had stolen his Power Astra.