Biggboss Telugu 7 Day 4: Contestants To Fight For The First Task And 5 Week Immunity

Biggboss Telugu 7 Day 4: Contestants To Play For The First Task And 5 Week Immunity

The Bigg Boss Telugu 7 day 4 kicked off with a bang as the contestants were greeted by none other than the Bigg Boss himself. He wasted no time in explaining the new rules and opportunities that awaited them in the house. The most exciting announcement was the chance to earn a 5-week immunity, which would not only keep them safe from nominations but also from elimination. Naturally, this news caused quite a stir among the contestants.

Biggboss 7 Telugu
Biggboss 7 Telugu

However, amidst the chaos, some contestants were able to sort out their differences. Priyanka and Prince, in particular, managed to find common ground and resolve their issues. Meanwhile, Pallavi Prashanth and Rathika had a few fun interactions, injecting some much-needed lightheartedness into the atmosphere. Laughter filled the air as they shared jokes and bonded over their shared experiences.

Bigg Boss then announced the first task of the season – “Face the Beast”. This task would not only determine the confirmation of the contestants as housemates but also grant immunity to the winners. The stakes were high, and everyone knew that giving their best was crucial. The task required the contestants to face and fight a formidable beast while standing in a ring. One by one, they would enter the ring and attempt to outlast the beast. The male and female contestants who spent the maximum time in the ring would be selected as the competitors for the confirmation.

However, it soon became evident that the task was no walk in the park. The contestants struggled to spend a significant amount of time in the ring. Except for a few contestants who stayed more than one minute in the ring, no candidate was able to win because the challenge was highly physical. Sandeep and Priyanka were chosen to compete in the house’s confirmation competition. Sandeep was delighted to complete the task that the big boss had given, whereas Pallavi Prashanth was disappointed that he lost it with a difference of just 5 seconds! That’s all for Biggboss Telugu 7 Day 4. Stay tuned to the Moviezupp page for further updates.