Can HanuMan Movie Reaches Kantara And Pushpa in Hindi Market?!

Can HanuMan Movie Reaches Kantara And Pushpa in Hindi Market?!

The recent Indian superhero blockbuster, “HanuMan,” has garnered immense success globally, shattering box office records and earning accolades. However, the film’s triumph has encountered a hurdle in the Hindi markets, notably in regions like Kantara and against the formidable competition of “Pushpa.”

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Anticipation for “HanuMan” in the Hindi circuit was sky-high even before its release, opening with a respectable 2Cr+ Net. Despite unanimous positive reviews from audiences, the soaring expectations of achieving a 100Cr+ Net in Hindi markets, surpassing the benchmarks set by “Pushpa” and “Baahubali Part 1,” appear challenging.

While the film continues to maintain a solid performance in Hindi, it lacks the significant leaps required to reach the coveted 100Cr milestone. Presently, the movie stands at a collection of 36Cr Net in Hindi, trailing behind Kantara’s closing at 85Cr Net and Pushpa’s impressive 110Cr Net. The formidable shadow of “Baahubali,” with a staggering 120Cr Net, further adds to the uphill journey for “HanuMan.”

Can HanuMan Movie Reaches Kantara And Pushpa in Hindi Market?!

Complicating matters is the impending release of Hrithik Roshan’s “Fighter” this weekend, poised to influence the Word of Mouth (WOM) dynamics and potentially impact the Hindi version of “HanuMan.” The competition intensifies as the film strives to carve its niche amid the new cinematic offering.

In the realm of Hindi trade, cautious estimates project a closing range of 55-60Cr for “HanuMan,” falling short of the benchmarks set by Kantara and Pushpa. The industry remains on tenterhooks, eagerly awaiting to witness whether the film will consolidate within this range or, with a sustained and prolonged run, manage to surpass the achievements of cinematic counterparts like Kantara and Pushpa. The fate of “HanuMan” hangs in the balance, intricately intertwined with the unpredictable trajectory of its cinematic journey in the dynamic landscape of the Hindi markets.