Geetha Movie Review and Rating (2022)

Cast :- Hebba Patel, Sunil, Sapthagiri, Ram Karthik, Sai Kiran ,Rajeev kanakala and so on.

Producer :- R. Rachayya

Music Director :- Subash Anand

Director :- Vishwa.

Story ( Spoiler Free):-

This film revolves around the character of Geetha ( Hebba Patel ) who became orphan by loosing her family at childhood itself. She is Dumb, can’t talk. Her aim is to feed the orphan kids who are helpless in the society. She tried and requested a lot of people to adopt orphaned childrens but to her bad luck none of them accepts. This is the time where political leader Sai Kiran enters the scenario and his gang kidnaps childrens. Besides all these orphanage childrens are loosing their lives due to medical mafia’s involved.

Geetha Movie Review and Rating (2022)
Geetha Movie Review and Rating (2022)

What is the role of Sai Kiran ? Why children’s are being trapped and what is going on over there ? In between all these what is the role of Sunil and Sapthagiri ? How did Sunil and Hebba Patel solved this case? Did Hebba Patel achieved her goal forms the crux of story.

Positives ?:-

* Hebba Patel career best performance till date. Sai Kiran, Sunil and Sapthagiri did their level in engaging the scenes.

* Story and screenplay.

* Director Vishwa made a different flick which is at it’s best.
* Cinematography Visuals are great and Production Values too.
* Background Score.

Negatives ?:-

* Slow narration.
* A little bit of drag in both halves.


The efforts made by Vishwa in the name of Geetha will engage all sections of the audience. The message for sure will be appealing to everyone.

Hebba Patel exceed in her role and did a terrific job that sticks over the audience. Sunil, Sapthagiri and Sai Kiran too did their best.

Production Values are top-notch and the Cinematography visuals are great. One can manage its slow narration due to the strong content.

A must-watch film.

Rating: 3/5


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