Guntur Kaaram Producer Naga Vamsi’s Counter to Agenda Media!

Guntur Kaaram Producer Naga Vamsi’s Counter to Agenda Media!

The release of Mahesh Babu and Trivikram’s Guntur Kaaram on January 12th stirred up quite a buzz, with the film eventually emerging as the highest earner for Superstar Mahesh Babu in its first week. However, amidst the film’s success, a certain section of the media seemed to have a bone to pick with Guntur Kaaram, adopting a seemingly biased agenda to disparage the film. In response, producer Suryadevara Naga Vamsi took a firm stand against this selective criticism, asserting that while fair reviews and ratings are welcome, the issue arises when the discourse becomes one-sided, dwelling solely on the negatives and neglecting the film’s positive aspects.

Guntur Kaaram Producer

Addressing the media, Naga Vamsi vehemently countered the attempts made by this particular section of media and individuals to undermine the film’s success. According to him, Guntur Kaaram garnered substantial numbers, with most buyers nearing the break-even point by recovering 90% of their investments. While the film performed well in Nizam, it fell slightly short of expectations, yet the overall box office numbers remained impressive.

Naga Vamsi candidly acknowledged that the film faced challenges, especially in the overseas market, where it did not resonate as anticipated. However, he emphasized that the negative reviews did not affect the film’s performance adversely. Instead, he identified a crucial misstep on their part – the team’s failure to adequately prepare the audience for the kind of film they were delivering.

Guntur Kaaram Producer Naga Vamsi’s Counter to Agenda Media!

In hindsight, Naga Vamsi pointed out that there was a mismatch in expectations, as the audience was prepped for a mass entertainer but received a family-oriented film. This initial disconnect impacted the early shows and the 1 AM screening on the opening day. However, as word spread about the film’s family-centric content, audience attendance picked up from the evening shows onwards, contributing to the film’s overall success.

The producer acknowledged past experiences, citing a film released during Sankranthi with poor reviews that didn’t fare well. Contrary to assumptions, Naga Vamsi clarified that Guntur Kaaram succeeded not just because of the Sankranthi season but primarily due to the engaging content within the film.