“I Want To See Big Smile On Sam’s Face,” Said Vijay Devarakonda!

The Kushi musical concert that took place yesterday was a night to remember, all thanks to the incredible talents of Vijay Deverakonda and Samantha Ruth Prabhu. The event provided a platform for Vijay to shed light on Samantha’s battle with the autoimmune disease Myositis, which had a significant impact on the shooting of their film, Kushi.

Vijay opened up about Samantha’s struggles, emphasizing his desire to see her smile once again. The film Kushi started in April 2022 with both Vijay and Samantha filled with excitement and joy. They had completed around 60 percent of the shooting, and only a small portion remained, about 30-35 percent, to be precise. However, in July, Samantha’s health took a turn for the worse, causing significant disruptions to production. Vijay came to know about Samantha’s health condition while he was busy promoting another film during the same period.

Initially, Samantha chose to keep her struggles to herself, not wanting to burden others or distract from the film’s progress. As actors and storytellers, Vijay believed that they did not have to share their personal difficulties with the public. But as time went on, Samantha began to feel a sense of responsibility to speak up about her health challenges. She realized that her journey could inspire and motivate others who might be going through similar battles. Samantha’s decision to share her struggles publicly was driven by a desire to raise awareness about Myositis and provide support to those who needed it. Vijay expressed his heartfelt wish to see her happy and healthy once again.

The bond between the two actors became evident as Vijay shared his perspective on Samantha’s journey, acknowledging the immense effort she had put into the film despite her health issues. The Kushi musical concert provided a platform for Vijay to highlight Samantha’s journey and the obstacles she overcame. It served as a reminder that behind the glitz and glamour, actors are human beings who face challenges and triumphs just like anyone else.

The event left a lasting impression on the audience, who witnessed not only a memorable musical concert but also a heartfelt conversation about resilience and determination. Khushi is all ready to hit the theaters on September 1.