Is Virataparvam Real Story? Check out here

Is Virataparvam Real Story? Check out here

Rana and Sai Pallavi starrer Virataparvam is all set to hit the screens tomorrow, Fans cant wait to watch their favorite stars on the Big screens. Meanwhile, the film lovers wonder whether Virataparvam is a real story or not! Read on to know more.

As per the reports, Based on real events, the film was inspired by the story of a Warangal woman. Sai Pallavi will play “Vennela”. Director VenuUdugula said, “VirataParvam is based on true incidents. I read about a woman named Sarala and wrote Vennela character..the story is only based on some incidents but the story itself is imaginary. ”

Is Virataparvam Real Story? Check out here
Is Virataparvam Real Story? Check out here

Virata Parvam is based on the true story of a Warangal woman Sarala who stood up for her rights despite all odds. It is a story of hope, courage, and determination that will lift your spirits. Based on real events from the 1990s, the film was inspired. Rana will play Comrade Ravanna and Sai Pallavi as Vennala, his admirer.

Shyam Singha Roy Beauty Sai Pallavi will be playing the role of Vennela (name has been changed). The Virata Parvam team met Vennela’s family in Warangal after the Viraata Param Athmeeya Sabha on Sunday evening.

This film was put on hold for several years. It is finally set to release on 17th June 2022.

The Pre-release event of  Virata Parvam, Rana Daggubati’s next film, took place on Wednesday at Shilpakala Vedika in Hyderabad. The audience gave Sai Pallavi a lot of attention and called her ‘Lady Powerstar.

Sai Pallavi was greeted with thunderous applause when she spoke to the audience. Overwhelmed by the experience, the Fidaa actress thanked everyone who attended, especially Actor Venkatesh for infusing her with positivity.

Sai Pallavi requested that everyone attend the screening “Virata Parvam” on June 17. She stated that the film would pleasantly surprise everyone since it isn’t what one would expect.



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