Jai HanuMan Begins! Pre-Production Work Started Officially!

Jai HanuMan Begins! Pre-Production Work Started Officially! 

The blockbuster success of the Indian superhero film “HanuMan” has paved the way for an exciting sequel, “Jai Hanuman,” as its pre-production officially kicks off. Following the widespread acclaim for the visual brilliance and engaging content of the first installment, director Prasanth Varma is set to embark on another epic adventure within The Prasanth Varma Cinematic Universe (PVCU).

Jai HanuMan Begins

Hanuman was a big hit at the Box Office, and everyone who saw this movie is eagerly waiting for the sequel. Now, director Prashant Verma has officially announced the beginning of the pre-production work on the sequel. The commencement of “Jai Hanuman” pre-production coincides with the momentous occasion of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir inauguration, a celebration that resonated throughout India.

Prasanth Varma, celebrated nationwide for the historic success of “Hanu-Man,” is gearing up to deliver an unparalleled cinematic experience with the sequel. The upcoming installment promises a larger-than-life story, an expansive canvas, and top-notch production and technical standards.

Jai HanuMan Begins! Pre-Production Work Started Officially! 

Choosing an auspicious moment, Prasanth Varma participated in a Yagam at the Hanuman temple in Hyderabad on the day of the Ayodhya Ram Temple inauguration. Seeking blessings for the project, the film’s script was placed in front of the idol of Hanuman during the ceremony. This symbolic gesture marked the beginning of the pre-production phase, with the team aiming to capture divine blessings for their cinematic endeavor.

Accompanying the official announcement, the film unit unveiled a couple of posters. One features Prasanth Varma standing before the deity, holding the script, while the other depicts a scene from the concluding moments of “Hanu-Man,” where the sequel was revealed.

Further details about this magnum opus are anticipated to be disclosed in due course, adding to the excitement surrounding the cinematic universe created by Prasanth Varma. Stay tuned to the Moviezupp page for further updates on this much-awaited project.