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Jersey Hindi Movie Review: Shahid Kapoor delivers a brilliant performance

Jersey Hindi Movie Review: Shahid Kapoor delivers a brilliant performance. Another Bollywood hit Big screens today amid the mania of KGF2 and RRR. This time Shahid Kapoor brings the remake film. Let’s look at the Jersey Hindi review (2022). 

After Kabir Singh’s grand success, Bollywood hero Shahid Kapoor is back on his big screens with Jersey nearly three years since his last movie was released. It’s not like he’s changed a bit in any way, at least as regards his appearance as far as appearance is concerned. But the character of Arjun Talwar in Jersey is more serene and more restrained than the angry dude Kabir Singh.

Jersey Cast and Crew:

Movie Name Jersey
Cast Shahid Kapoor, Mrunal Thakur,

Ronit Kamra

Director  Gowtam Tinnanuri
Music Anirudh Ravichander(BGM)
Sachet Tandon
Parampara Thakur
Cinematography  Anil Mehta

The film is a Hindi remake of the Telugu film of the same title, Jersey was directed and written by Gowtam Tinnanuri, who was the director of the original. There’s no way to guess that the film is a complete scene-by-scene duplicate of the original as is the case with many other south Indian films that are remade in Bollywood.


Arjun Talwar(Shahid) was a former Ranji player who has an unhappy life with his wife and son The way he lives is not a good fit for his family, Arjun’s son, in a pivotal moment, pushes Arjun to take action in his life to become his life-long hero. The story continues the story of what happens when Arjun alters his lifestyle and takes up cricket again and is a source of inspiration for many.

Jersey Hindi Movie Review: Shahid Kapoor delivers brilliant performance
Jersey Hindi Movie Review: Shahid Kapoor delivers a brilliant performance


As a gifted but unsuccessful cricketer, a loving father, and a man trying to keep his marriage from breaking up The film is carried on his shoulders. Although he knocks it off the field every time he’s playing, the movie shines at times and, due to an unbalanced narrative, it frequently loses its pace.

The film is awash with emotion, Jersey lacks the excitement that will keep you interested. The running time of the film is 2hrs 50 mins, it is even more painful

In the beginning, Arjun and Vidya’s romance and battle to persuade their South Indian father to marry her daughter in the Punjabi family is a little too complicated. While the director attempts to add a touch of humor through these scenes, using the typical clichés of the difference between North as well as South Indian cultures, the jokes are just ok.

Cast Performace: 

Shahid isn’t over the top with his show and remains understated. Shahid’s expressions of anger despair, helplessness, and triumph hit the right note. One could feel the Punjabi touch spread quite unpleasantly and sluggishly through his dialogues.  However, this could be one of his best performances.

Mrunal as the wife who works and mother performs her role perfectly and doesn’t appear like she’s being forced by the script. The film provides plenty of space for her to be a part of the story and let her facial eyes and facial expressions do most speaking. Mrunal’s chemistry with Shahid looks a little dull.

Ronit Kamra plays Shahid and Mrunal’s son on screen is the same child from the original and is just as great as in the Hindi remake too. His scenes with Shahid are simply charming and it’s easy to feel the bond father-son has onscreen. Then there’s Pankaj Kapur, a veteran in the most authentic sense and a character who you immediately become enthralled with. In the few scenes that he’s in, he can pick up small details and gives you the necessary comic relief.

Crew Work:

More than just sports, Jersey highlights the dynamics of relationships between father and son or a husband and wife as well as a player and coach, a cricketer who has failed, and his fellow cricketers. The relationships added a lovely dimension to the movie. The charming performances and the way they display these bonds really take the cake.

The cricket pitch has been expertly filmed by cinematographer Anil Mehta has captured the sport beautifully. Director Gowtam has done a good job. 


In the end, Jersey stays true to the genre of sports drama that it is a part of and is a great balance of the sport and the emotional side of a person who plays sports. It would have been better if the producers were able to work a bit harder at the editing, it would be a perfect and sharp watch.

Moviezupp Rating: 3.5/5


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