Megastar Is Going to Work With “Bimbisara” Director!

For a long time, fans and industry insiders have been buzzing with rumors about a potential collaboration between Megastar Chiranjeevi and acclaimed director Vashista, known for his work on the hit film “Bimbisara”. Today, the much-anticipated announcement came from the film’s production house, UV Creations, confirming the project’s existence.


This upcoming film will mark Chiranjeevi’s 157th venture, and it is set to commence production right after his 156th film, which is yet to be officially announced. The announcement of the director for Chiranjeevi’s 157th film came with an intriguing concept poster that immediately captured the attention of fans. The team behind the film revealed that Vashista will be at the helm of this socio-fantasy flick, promising to transport audiences into another world with his captivating storytelling.

Adding to the excitement surrounding the project, the announcement also revealed the talented individuals who will be part of the film’s crew. MM Keeravani, a renowned music composer known for his exceptional work in the industry, will be composing the film’s music. Chota K Naidu, a highly acclaimed cinematographer, will be responsible for capturing the visually stunning elements of the story.

The concept poster itself is a visual treat, showcasing the five elements of nature, also known as Pancha Bhootaalu, which include Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Sky. These elements are encompassed within an object that features a star-shaped element with a trident, adding a mystical and enchanting touch to the overall design. For fans of Megastar Chiranjeevi, this film is a delightful surprise as it marks his return to the fantasy genre after a long time. With Vashista’s exceptional storytelling skills and the talented crew assembled for this project, audiences can expect nothing short of a mesmerizing cinematic experience.

As further details about the film unfolds, fans eagerly await updates on the remaining cast, plot details, and the official announcement for Chiranjeevi’s 156th film. Until then, the anticipation for this extraordinary collaboration continues to build, with fans eagerly counting down the days until they can witness Megastar Chiranjeevi’s magical journey unfold on the silver screen once again.