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Miss India review: Keerthy Suresh Starrer disappoints

Miss India review: Keerthy Suresh Starrer dissopoints
Miss India review: Keerthy Suresh Starrer disappoints

Moviezupp rating: 2.5/5

Cast: Keerthy Suresh, Jagapathi Babu, Naveen Chandra, Naresh, Rajendra Prasad, Nadhiya, and others.

Director: Narendra Nath

Keerthy Suresh starrer Miss India is streaming now on Netflix. Miss India had good expectations upon the trailer release. Let’s see whether the movie met expectations or not.

Manasa Samyuktha (Keerthy Suresh ) is from a Middle-class family with big dreams in her eyes. She always wanted to become an entrepreneur right from childhood. She moves to the USA along with her family. There, she meets Vijay (Naveen Chandra) and starts dating. But Manasa doesn’t want to settle as an ordinary woman. she wanted to fulfill her dream of becoming an entrepreneur. She starts Ayurvedic Chai Business, which she learned from her grandfather (Rajendra Prasad). But that’s not easy for her. She has to fight Kamal (Jagapathi Babu) to bring her chai brand ‘Miss India’ on top in the USA.

Keerthy Suresh Miss India
Keerthy Suresh in Miss India

The movie’s plot is an old one. We feel we have seen this type of movie before. There is nothing new in terms of executing the film. The Narration has no depth. Keerthy Suresh acted well in some scenes but couldn’t save the entire film. The romance between Naveen and Keerthy seems dull and it delays the movie further. Jagapathi Babu has played this kind of character before. But in this movie, the role seems clownish. The confront scenes between Keerthy and Jagapathi Babu are not engaging.

Thaman’s music helps to lift some average scenes. His BGM is decent. The cinematography is good. Editing is fine. But The director hasn’t executed good enough to grab the attention of the viewers. Dialogues of the film are not up to the mark. the remaining film is filled with some bizarre sequences.

The film lacks some basic emotions, engaging scenes, and narration is flat. Keerthy Suresh starrer Miss India disappoints. 






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