Naga Babu’s Strong Counter to Prakash Raj

Naga Babbu's Strong Counter to Prakash Raj
Naga Babu’s Strong Counter to Prakash Raj

In a recent interview, Actor Prakash Raj has called Pawan Kalyan an ‘Oosaravelli’ (Chameleon) for his alliance with the BJP party in the present situation. He slammed Pawan Kalyan’s political views and his confusing decisions. However, Pawan Kalyan didn’t respond to Prakash Raj’s comments, But his Brother Nagababu did. 

Countering to the ‘Oosaravelli’ remark, Actor Naga Babu said, “Changing decisions and policies are quite common in politics. I believe our leader Jana Sena party founder Pawan Kalyan extending support to BJP has a long-term benefit. Pawan did no harm to anyone, I don’t know why people keep criticizing him”. 

Naga Babu further said, ” Mr. Prakash Raj, In a debate with BJP’s Subramanyam Swami made you shut mouth and you had no answers for his questions. There, your political agenda is exposed. I still remember how you tortured Many Producers and Directors by canceling the dates after confirming them.  First, you should change yourself and criticize a selfless man like Pawan Kalyan.”

Let’s wait and see how Prakash Raj reacts to the strong counter. 


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