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Nani Shyam Singha Roy Review: An emotional engaging Love Story

Natural star Nani starrer Shyam Singha Roy is released Today (December 24), finally. Let’s look at the review of the film.

Cast: Nani, Sai Pallavi, Krithi Shetty
Director: Rahul Sankirtiyan

Nani' Shyam Singha Roy Review: An emotional engaging drama
Nani’ Shyam Singha Roy Review: An emotional engaging drama

Story :

Vasudev (Nani) is a struggling filmmaker who makes a short film ‘Varnam’. As his first movie is successful, he hopes to work with big stars for a Big movie. He takes Kirthi as the leading actress. But the problem comes when he is accused by a prominent publisher of a copyright violation stating that he made his film copying from their 1970’s story. But Vasudev argues that his story is an original one. Clinical hypnosis reveals Vasu’s past life as Shyam Singha Roy. The rest of the movie showcases Singha Roy –Mytreyi’s love story from the 1970’s era with string connecting to Vasu’s present life.


Nani has proved that he is a natural actor. Singha Roy’s role is obviously the challenging one and he delivers flawlessly. The make-over and get-up suit him. It is a treat for Nani fans as he is seen in a different and powerful role. Sai Pallavi is another standout. Once again she showcases her talent and acting with excellent performance. Dancing is one of her strong skills and she comes up with a triumph dance performance, especially in the Pranavalaya song. Her portrayal of a Devadasi is nice. Krithi Shetty’s glamour is also one of the assets of the film. Madonna Sebastian gets a brief role and she does well.

Sai Pallavi in SSR
Sai Pallavi in SSR

‘Tara’, ‘Edo Edo’ songs are visually rich and melodically beautiful. . With light comedy interlaced the first half is a decent time pass and ends with the introduction of Shyam Roy. The second half of the movie is visual poetry. The aerial shots following the lead couple’s moonlight romance are outstanding. Sanu Varghese’s camera work is stunning and deserves a special mention. The songs ‘Pranavalaya’, ‘Nela Raju ni – Ila Rani ni Kalipindhi’ are shot excellent.

Mickey J Mayor’s songs and background score are very good and go well with the movie narration. Sirivennela Sitharama Shastri’s last lyrics were presented beautifully.

The periodic Kolkata track is the crux of the film and it has been executed well by Director Rahul Sankirtyan. The young director surprised the audience with his lovely storytelling and visual narration. The producers have spent big money and are worth every penny.


  •  An intriguing story
  • Beautiful Narration
  • Nani & Sai Pallavi ‘s splendid performances
  • Poetic visuals, good Lyrics, and songs


  • Few scenes in the first half
  • Some predictable scenes

Shyam Singha Roy deserves appreciation. Director Rahul delivers an engaging poetic love story with excellent production values. The first half is okay with a few laughs, the second half is definitely attracts the Telugu audience. But the climax may not be in sync with everyone. Apart from that, we can say you can watch the movie in theaters for the new experiment from TFI.

Moviezupp Rating: 3.25/5


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