Narappa movie review: Venkatesh Excels in Frame to Frame Remake!

Narappa movie review: Venkatesh Excels in Frame to Frame Remake!
Narappa movie review: Venkatesh Excels in Frame to Frame Remake!

Venkatesh Daggubati’s new film Narappa is streaming on Amazon Prime now. Amid a lot of confusion about the release in theatres,  the makers choose to release the movie digitally on Amazon Prime. 

Narappa is the adoption of the Dhanush super hit film Asuran. Vetrimaran directed the original. Srikanth Addala has brought the film in Telugu version starring Venkatesh Daggubati in the lead role. Let us get into the Narappa review.


Narappa (Venkatesh), who belongs to an underprivileged class had to go hiding with his family after his elder son (Kartik Ratnam) gets brutally killed and the younger son Chinnappa is compelled to avenge his death. Narappa doesn’t want violence as he had a sad experience in the flashback. The rest of the film is all about the battle and revenge drama of the father to save his son and family.


Venkatesh is seen in an intense action role after a very long time. Venkatesh sheds his class looks for the rustic character, he excelled in it. His expressions and emotional episodes have been top-class. And it is a new experience for Venkatesh fans and as well as Telugu audiences.

Priyamani gets a bold role and she just did his job her job well. She delivered a solid performance. Rakhi as Chinnappa is natural and perfect. Karthik Ratnam as Venkatesh elder son Rajiv kanakala as his brother-in-law and Rao Ramesh as the lawyer are impressive.

The first half of the film is survival drama which is narrated well. The interval bang and the fight sequences are well captured. The second half takes us into the revenge drama with the flashback story. The screenplay and dialogues are decent. The background theme music is used from the original version only.


But overall, its frame to frame remake. It seems like every frame and every minute detail is directly cut copied from the original. Those who never watched Asuran will feel the new experience through narappa. But those who have watched the original version may feel the film could have been better made with the right emotions.


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