Nikhil Siddhartha responds to RGV’s Power star trailer

Rgv aka Ram Gopal Varma released the trailer of satirical film Power star after it was leaked (he claims) online.


Power star trailer was supposed to release at 11 a.m. today but the director claims that the trailer has leaked online and he decided to return the money and release it directly on YouTube. He Tweeted, “POWER STAR trailer which was supposed to release at 11 AM today has leaked out…we suspect that it is the work of one of our own office staff… We take full responsibility and all people who paid for the trailer will be returned their money ASAP. since the trailer is already leaked out, we have no choice but to release the hires version officially on YouTube which will be done in around an hour.. I repeat that all people who paid for the trailer will be returned their money ASAP.” (sic)

The trailer sees the story of a person named ‘Prawan Kalyan’ and his failed political journey. Power star will begin streaming from July 25th. One has to pay money to watch the movie at RGV‘s rgvworldtheatre.com.

On the other side, Tollywood actor Nikhil Siddhartha, who is a fan of Pawan Kalyan took to Twitter sharing GIF, he wrote, “shikaram ni chusi Kukka enta Morigina.. a maha shikaram thala thippi Chudadhu..meeku Ardham Ayyindi ga..” (sic)



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