OG Glimpse: Pawan Kalyan is a Mumbai gangster in the film!

The long-awaited video for “OG” is finally here! Released today on the special occasion of Pawan Kalyan’s birthday, the teaser sets the stage for an intense and action-packed film. In the teaser, we are introduced to Pawan Kalyan’s character as a Mumbai gangster who left behind a trail of bloodshed years ago. With a voiceover emphasizing that no storm could clean up the chaos he created, it is clear that his return to the scene will be nothing short of explosive.

What makes this teaser even more exciting is the glimpse we get of Pawan Kalyan in a stylish gangster avatar. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen him in such a distinctive role, and director Sujeeth has presented him in a way that will surely captivate his fans.

As the teaser comes to a close, we see Pawan Kalyan acting out a scene in a police station, inquiring about someone’s address. This brief but powerful moment leaves us with a sense of anticipation, eager to witness the thrilling journey that lies ahead.

Behind the scenes, the film is being produced by DVV Danayya and is currently in production. Adding to the excitement, the teaser features a riveting musical score by the talented Thaman. With his knack for creating impactful compositions, Thaman’s contribution to the film is sure to enhance the overall experience.

Joining Pawan Kalyan on this thrilling ride is the talented actress Priyanka Mohan, who takes on the role of the female protagonist. 


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