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Prabhu Deva got married to Physiotherapist?

Prabhu Deva got married to a Physiotherapist?
Prabhu Deva got married to a Physiotherapist?

South Actor, Choreographer and director Prabhu Deva has reportedly married his physiotherapist in Mumbai. According to the Indian Today report, a close source to the director said that he got married to a doctor in Mumbai in September.

The report suggested that Prabhu met his physiotherapist in Mumbai after developing serious back pain. Then they fell in love and decided to get married. It was a traditional wedding and Prabhu Deva kept it all quiet and simple.

However, there is yet no official word or pictures of them together. At present they are in Chennai. Earlier there were reports that he was all set to marry his niece, But the sources near to Prabhu denied saying the reports were baseless. 


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