Raj Tarun’s Power Play Review: A bit engaging thriller despite its flaws

Raj Tarun’s Power Play Review

Power Play Telugu movie was released this Friday, it has Raj Tarun in the leading role. Let’s look at the review of the film.


Vijay (Raj Tarun) is about to get marry his girlfriend. Everything was going well for him until he finds himself in the conspiracy. What is it and how he got into trouble and will he prove his innocence, is the rest of the story.


Raj Tarun chose a serious story this time. And he has done a good job. He changed his mannerisms for this role. Actress Hemal was cool and did her part decently. The main antagonist of the film, Ajay is best as conventional.

Another attraction of this movie is actress Poorna. She played the role of the daughter of CM. She brought solid effect to this film.

The plot of the story is nice, but it would have been treated better. It lacks an engaging screenplay, which is mainly required for a thriller film. The chemistry between Raj Tarun and Hemal looks fat and seems to lack emotions. Except for the twist in the second half, the rest of the story not up to the mark. Although the First half is impressive, it doesn’t have a gripping screenplay.

Director Vijay Kumar Konda is known for his previous films Gunde jaari gallanthayyinde, and Orey Bujjiga. This time director worked hard to give the thriller feel for the film, but some predictable scenes dampen the feel.

Production values and camera work is superb. The background score is very good that lifts the dull scenes too.

It’s good, Raj Tarun chose the script like this, despite its flaws. Actress Hemal didn’t have much scope to perform. Poorna has done a good job as a ruthless politician.

Barring few dragged crime scenes in the first half, one can see this thriller film, if they have nothing to do. A better screenplay would have been made this good watch. If you are fan of typical Raj Tarun’s lover boy image, then you can skip this.


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