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Rapo’s The Warriorr Review: An Out and Out Commercial Film

Rapo’s The Warriorr Review: An Out and Out Commercial Film

Cast: Ram Pothineni, Krithi Shetty, Aadhi Pinnishetty, Akshara Gowda, Nadhiya

Director: N. Lingusamy

Telugu actor Ram Pothineni began his career in Tamil cinema. it’s the first time he has worked with Tamil director Lingusamy ‘s The Warrior He makes his debut with Tamil film. Lets look at the review of the film ‘The Warriorr’.

Rapo's The Warriorr Review: An Out and Out Commercial Film
Rapo’s The Warriorr Review: An Out and Out Commercial Film


The story has been set on the streets of Kurnool as well. Ram Pothineni plays Dr. Satya who is working in the city as a physician. Cut to Guru ( Aadhi Pinisetty ) He has become the town’s rowdy, and an entrepreneur his company has made incredibly poisonous saline which ends with the death of three children. The entire population of Kurnool is afraid of Guru and his crew, which is why no one, even police officers, takes action against him due to his petty crimes. 

When Dr. Satya makes a complaint to the police over the mafia of pharma, he is beaten to death in the middle of the city in Konda Reddy Fort by Guru. Satya’s dean Robert is able to save him, from being beaten and warns him to never return to the city, and takes him away. But, just like any hero not follow his dean’s advice so Satya is back in Kurnool as a police officer! Is DSP Satya now have the ability to take down Guru and his crew? Are they able to save Kurnool’s people Kurnool from this rogue gang?



The fundamental transformation of Ram from a doctor to an officer has been demonstrated very well. In most police production, the reasoning is for a toss. However, the case is different. In The Warriorr, director Linguswamy has ensured that the film doesn’t contain any over-the-top elements, as the action scenes are flown properly.

Aadhi Pinisetty is one of the main characters of the film as Guru has nailed it with his performance. In terms of his appearance or the way he speaks, Aadhi is top-notch and is the dominant Ram in the opening second half. Nadia playing the mother of Ram is good in her character.

Krithi Shettyplays RJ Whistling Mahalakshmi. He acts as the amusing arm for the music and the romantic angle. The main highlight of the movie is the song ‘The Bullett. Many youngsters are enjoying it.

Not to mention, Ram is quite good in the movie. He is both an officer and a doctor and shows the different sides of his characters very well. He’s quiet in the beginning, however, he makes up for it in the second half with his dancing and spirited performance. The role of a cop fits his performance quite well.


If you are dealing with the story of a cop there’s nothing different to present the content. Therefore, it is essential to tell the story with a captivating style. While the first part is well written by Linguswamy and the second part follows the same good and bad plot.

Lingusamy is known for making action films with a certain style and does the same thing with this one. Although the narration is good, however, it doesn’t captivate you with its script. The elevation of the villain hero should be added in the first half of the film itself.

Technical Aspects:

The music produced by DSP is ok ok and the choreography has been done very effectively. Beyond the music, DSP’s BGM is quite not satisfying. The production values are quite impressive, as the camera captures the Rayalaseema set-up.

When it comes to director Linguswamy He has done decent work with his film. While he doesn’t showcase anything original, he offers the viewers what they’d been used to form a cop-driven drama. The credit should go to him for not putting in over-the-top or unintelligible scenes. The film was just told with a basic template without taking it too far.


Overall, The Warrior is a masala cop drama with several impressive mass blocks. Ram, as well as Aadhi Pinisetty, are the stars of the show with their remarkable performances, however, the plot is a bit repetitive and a bit predictable. If you’re okay with this and would like to try a mass masala film this weekend. 

Moviezupp Rating: 2.75 /5


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