Rashi Khanna used to torture me: Naked movie heroine

Naked movie heroine Sri Rapaka is a fashion designer, who worked for several films. She is making her debut with the film under Ram Gopal Varma‘s direction. Recently she made allegations on Tollywood actress Rashi Khanna.

In an interview with a YouTube channel, Sri Rapaka said that she was a topper in college and has self-respect. But when she enters in movie field, many changes have come to her life, she revealed. She said that she has worked for Supreme movie as a costume designer for Rashi Khanna and that actress had tortured her.

Sri Rapaka further said, ” when I was working for Supreme movie, Rashi Khanna called me at 3 o’clock to come on the sets to drape a saree. When I went, there were 150 people around her including women, Anyone could have done that for her. She used to make me wait for hours. She used to hurt my self-respect. She feels like she is a star actress and has an attitude. She tortured me.”

This type of situations we often see in the movie industry, Let us wait and see whether Rashi Khanna responds to Naked movie heroine comments or not. 




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