Rashmika Mandanna Lovely pics wearing Coorgi Style Saree

Rashmika Mandanna’s outfit, which she wore to a close friend’s wedding recently, has won her followers’ hearts.

She uploaded a series of photos from her friend’s D-Day on Instagram on Sunday. Rashmika is seen in the photos wearing a silk saree in the Coorgi style, which gives her an elegant aspect.

She talked about how she ran into her childhood friends after a long time and how she made it in time for the wedding despite missing her 4 a.m. flight in the caption.

Rashmika Mandanna in Coorgi Style Saree
Rashmika Mandanna in Coorgi Style Saree
Rashmika Mandanna beautiful

She captioned in her Instagram saying, “rashmika_mandanna Today my friend @raaginimuddaiah got married.. (and I don’t have a picture with her from today ?) but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!
After missing a 4 AM flight and having my flights delayed 4-5 times.. ? thank god, I finally made it to her wedding! ?
And OMG! what a beautiful bride she is.. ❤️❤️
Ahhh.. and these girls.. I literally grew up with these girls.. ❤️ it’s been 17 years since I’ve known them and nothing’s changed at all.. ❤️
They keep me sane.. they keep me rooted.. they keep me happy.. and these are my girls.. ❤️
So so glad today I got to see them!
I wanted to share a lil something from my personal space with you all.. ?❤️
This is how your Rashmika was before most of you have known her and looks like nothing has changed! ?❤️.”



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