Ravi Teja Launches the first look of Mr. Idiot, here’s the video

Ravi Teja Launches the first look of Mr. Idiot, here’s the video

Tollywood is all set to welcome a new actor into its fold. The son of actor Raghu, Madhav, is making his debut as a hero. Produced by JJR Entertainment LLP and presented by the esteemed Smt. Yalamanchi Rani, Madhav’s first film, titled “Mr. Idiot,” is being directed by the talented Gowri Ronanki. Joining him as the female lead is the beautiful and talented Simran Sharma.


The first look of the film, which was unveiled by the ever-charming Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja, promises a youthful entertainer filled with love, romance, and emotions. Director Gowri Ronanki expresses her heartfelt gratitude to Ravi Teja for launching the pre-look and shares her anticipation for a beautiful film that showcases the exceptional skills of the technicians involved.

With the entry of Madhav, the son of renowned actor Raghu, Ravi Teja fans are happy. Fans and industry insiders alike are eager to witness the young actor’s talent and charm on the big screen.

Produced by JJR Entertainment LLP, known for its commitment to delivering quality films, “Mr. Idiot” is backed by a team of talented professionals. Presented by the esteemed Smt. Yalamanchi Rani, the film promises to captivate audiences with its engaging storyline and stellar performances.


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