Samantha’s Yashoda Movie Review: Keeps you Engaged!

Samantha’s Yashoda Movie Review: Keeps you Engaged!

Samantha had been preparing for the long-awaited theatrical debut of Yashoda, which had been receiving good expectations ever since the trailer’s release. Let’s see how the movie did, now that it has officially been released in theatres.

Samantha's Yashoda Movie Review: Keeps you Engaged!
Samantha’s Yashoda Movie Review: Keeps you Engaged!


Yashoda accepts to be a surrogate mother and joins a sizable company that specializes in surrogacy pregnancies and giving kids to women who are infertile the chance to become moms. However, Yashoda quickly realizes that nothing is as it seems. The rest of the plot is made up of what’s wrong with the establishment and what ultimately transpires.

Performances onscreen:

Naturally, Samantha bears the entire movie on her shoulders and engages and enthralls the audience from beginning to end. She is also extremely precise throughout the action scenes. The remaining supporting cast members, including Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Unni Mukundan, Rao Ramesh, Sampath Raj, and others, do well in their roles and advance the plot.

Off-Screen Skills:

Yashoda has a straightforward plot, but the filmmakers do a great job of keeping viewers guessing until around 30 minutes into the second half. The tale thins down and becomes very predictable after the twist is discovered and explanations are provided, though. The discourse delivered by Challa Bhagya Lakshmi and Pulagam Chinnarayana is excellent.

One of the movie’s standout features is the Mani Sharma-composed background music, which effectively enhances the picture. It effectively enhances the overall mood of the film.

The film’s production design and cinematography are likewise adequate, and they amply demonstrate the creators’ commitment to the project.


  • The performance of Samantha
  • Screenplay
  • BGM

Minus Points

  • Predictable at the end
  • Climax


Yashoda is a fantastic thriller, although it ends up being rather predictable. As long as Samantha is on the screen, she will keep you entertained because she is excellent in her part. Samantha and the thriller components are worth watching even with the tainted climax. Go and watch the movie this weekend.

Moviezupp Rating: 3/5


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