Shamshera Box Office: Poor Numbers, Going to be a Big Disaster

Shamshera Box Office: Poor Numbers, Going to be a Big Disaster

The box office for Ranbir Kapoor’s Shamshera entirely collapsed on Monday as sales dropped by 70%. Early projections say the film’s opening weekend take at around Rs 3 crore, bringing the four-day total to Rs 34 crore. The final receipts could be slightly lower, dropping to Rs. 2.75 crores, or slightly higher, rising to Rs. 3.20 crores, but in either case, all the numbers point to a crash.

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Shamshera Box Office: Poor Numbers, Going to be a Big Disaster

As the lifetime total is expected to be less than Rs. 45 crores, the Karan Malhotra movie can now be officially branded a failure. From this point forward, the trend will be downward, and by the second Friday, Ek Villain Returns will replace Shamshera in most movie theatres. On 4,300 screens, the movie received a wide release, and by the fourth day, fewer than half of those screens were showing it. Whether it be in multiplexes or national chains, the drop has spread throughout the nation, which only means one thing: REJECTION from the audience.

Yash Raj Films, the production company, will also lose money on Shamshera despite significant backend agreements with satellite and digital partners. The failure of Shamshera has greatly shocked the Hindi film industry and forced all of the big names to reconsider the prospects for films in the future. Numerous period films have already been shelved as a result of the failure of Shamshera and Samrat Prithviraj, and many more are currently waiting to be shelved.

Shamshera’s failure has also caused Dharma Productions and the Disney camp, which are preparing for the release of another Ranbir Kapoor movie, Brahmastra, to raise red flags.

Shamshera, the highly anticipated and vigorously promoted film directed by Karan Malhotra, was released last week on Friday. The movie, which also starred Sanjay Dutt, Vaani Kapoor, and Ranbir Kapoor in a dual roles, was anticipated to get off to an explosive start. Shamshera was billed as the next big release due to the enormous scale on which it was produced and the wide release on 4,350 screens. Shamshera, however, defied expectations and had a disastrous start before declining over the course of its opening weekend.

Given the current pattern, Shamshera has significantly underperformed despite being projected to earn around Rs. 50 crore over its opening weekend. Further, the movie’s business is not likely to significantly improve if the audience decides not to visit theatres.


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