Sonu Sood turns hero in Real Life

 Actor Sonu Sood did a great job for the labourers who stranded in Mumbai and Gulbarga. Centre has given permission to labourers to travel to their homes, but few states are not ready to take home. During this time, Actor Sonu Sood came forward to help the migrant labourers. 

 He arranged 10 buses for labourers to reach their homes from Maharashtra and Karnataka states. After taking all the required permissions form government, actor hired private buses to send the immigrants from Thane and Gulbarga. And Sonu Sood arrived at than bus stop to bid farewell to passengers and Migrants thanked him for his generous help.

 Recently, Actor helped doctors in Punjab by arranging around 1500 PPE kits to the doctors. And he also offered his hotel in Juhu to host doctors, police and sanitation workers. That’s a great job. Other celebs must look up to Sonu during these hard times. 


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