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Varisu vs Thunivu: Who will be king this time?

The Tamil film industry is on the brink of yet another clash between two of its biggest superstars, Vijay and Ajith. Both of them have been releasing back-to-back blockbuster films in the past few years and this time they’re set to clash again with their upcoming releases, Varius and Thunivu.

But who will actually win the box office this Pongal?

Varisu is a complete family entertainer that has Vijay in the lead role. On the other hand, Thunivu is an action thriller that has Ajith in the lead role. The movie promises to deliver some power-packed action sequences from Ajith and his character.

Varisu vs Thunivu: Who will be king this time?
Varisu vs Thunivu: Who will be king this time?

Both movies have already generated a lot of buzz in the market and have a pre-release business of more than 200 crores. The fans of both movies are expecting their respective movies to be a blockbuster and to break all records at the box office.

There has been much speculation about the staggering budget of the upcoming blockbuster film ‘Varisu’ starring superstar Vijay. Reports have suggested that the film was made on a massive budget of 200 crores plus, while the budget of Ajith’s upcoming film ‘Thunivu’ was reportedly 160 crores.

The reports also suggest that Ajith Kumar was paid a whopping amount of 70 crores for his role in the film, while Vijay took home a whopping amount of 120 crores for his role in ‘Varisu’. 

However, given the pre-release business of both movies, Vijay seems leading the race, here. Reportedly, Vijay’s ‘Varisu’ has already acquired 300 crores in pre-release business which includes theatrical and non-theatrical rights. While Thunivu’s pre-release business stands at Rs 192 Cr.

This is not the first time these two superstars have clashed at the box office. Back in 2014, the industry witnessed the clash of their films, Veeram and Jilla, both of which emerged as huge hits. Now with two of the biggest projects of 2023, the industry is hoping for a similar result this time around as well.

Varius and Thunivu are set to have a considerable number of screen counts in Tamil Nadu and both of them will need to recover around 75 crores and 65 crores shares respectively to be declared successful. Reports suggest that both flicks will have a similar number of screen counts in the home market. The film also releasing in Telugu States with the names ‘Vaarasudu’ and ‘Thegimpu’.

This is likely to be the most high-stakes clash in the Tamil film industry and it is sure to bring in huge numbers to the box office. However, what remains to be seen is which of the two films will come out on top and bring in more footfall.

As of now, the fans are eagerly waiting for the release of these two films and the industry is hoping for a successful run at the box office. Only time will tell which of the two films will emerge as the clear winner in this clash of superstars.

Overall, it is difficult to predict who will win at the box office. Nonetheless, the audience will be the best judge who will decide the winner at the box office.

We can only wait and watch who will win the box office battle this Pongal. Will it be Varisu or Thunivu?


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