Will Chiru’s “Waltair Veeraiya” pre-pone?

Will “Waltair Veeraiya” pre-pone?

Films including “Adipurush,” “Varasudu” (Varisu), “Waltair Veeraiya,” and “Veera Simha Reddy” would be released by 2023 Sankranti, according to official statements. Adipurush has withdrawn from the Sankranthi race, though. According to reports, the movie would premiere on March 30 as a gift for Sri Ram Navami. So, if we set this issue aside. Waltheru Veeraya and Veera Simha Reddy are currently the centers of attention in the Sankranti movie releases.

Will Chiru's "Waltair Veeraiya" pre-pone?
Will Chiru’s “Waltair Veeraiya” pre-pone?

Fans believe that it is crazy since Chiru and Balayya films are contending for Sankranti.  The competition between these two films is as unique as the Sankranti season. However, medium and small-budget films haven’t been doing as well at the box office lately.

It must be acknowledged that a significant issue has developed because the same producer is behind both of these movies. They are under pressure from buyers. Theaters find it challenging to adapt to two major films produced by the same studio.

Theaters must change based on the industry. Due to this, “Veera Simha Reddy” and “Walther Veeraya” will both be released on January 11 and 12, whereas “Walther Veeraya” will be released on January 5 and 6, such that both films perform well at the box office without any problems.


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