“Bedurulanks 2012” is Ready For Paid Premiers!

Recently, a new trend has emerged in the Tollywood film industry – paid premiers for newly released films. This trend has proven successful for smaller films, as positive word-of-mouth generated from these premiers often leads to a strong opening at the box office. The latest film to adopt this strategy is “Bedurulanka 2012,” which is set to have paid premiers on August 24th in cities across Andhra Pradesh, including Guntur, Vizag, and Kakinada. We have to see whether this trend will work for “Bedurulanka 2012” or not.

“Bedurulanka 2012” is produced under the esteemed Laukya Entertainments banner by Ravindra Banerjee (Benny) Muppaneni, who is also known for producing National award-winning films like “Colour Photo” and ‘Tellavarithe Guruvaram”. This film features talented Kartikeya Gummakonda, who gained fame with his role in “RX 100”, and Neha Shetty, known for her performance in “DJ Tillu”. Making his directorial debut with “Bedurulanka 2012” is Mr. Clax. The movie is presented by Yuvraj and is scheduled for release this Friday.

The concept of paid premiers has gained popularity in the film industry as it allows filmmakers to gauge audience reactions and create positive buzz before the official release. It gives the film a head start by generating hype and curiosity among the viewers. When the content of the film is strong and the word-of-mouth is positive, it often translates into a successful opening at the box office. By organizing paid premiers for “Bedurulanka 2012” in key cities of Andhra Pradesh, the filmmakers are hoping to create a buzz around their production. This strategy aims to attract early viewers who are willing to pay for a sneak peek at the film. Their reactions and reviews will play a crucial role in determining the fate of the movie.

The success of paid premiers ultimately depends on the quality of the film. If “Bedurulanka 2012” manages to impress audiences during these exclusive screenings, it will likely generate positive word-of-mouth and pave the way for a successful box office run. The paid premiers act as a litmus test for the film’s potential success. As the release date approaches, anticipation is building among movie buffs and fans of Tollywood cinema. They eagerly await the verdict of the paid premiers, which will set the tone for the film’s commercial success. Will “Bedurulanka 2012” be the next box office hit? Only time will tell.