Will Nagarjuna’s Next Film be in Sankranthi Race?

It’s been quite some time since Telugu film audiences had the pleasure of watching the charismatic Akkineni Nagarjuna on the big screen. His last film, The Ghost, was released on October 5, 2022, leaving his fans eagerly waiting for his next cinematic venture. While several rumors had been circulating about his upcoming project, none were confirmed by the star himself.

Nagarjuna's next film
Nagarjuna’s next film

However, the latest reports strongly suggest that Nagarjuna has finally zeroed in on his next film, and it is expected to be a full-on mass entertainer. According to these reports, Nagarjuna’s much-anticipated 99th film will be helmed by the talented young choreographer-turned-director, Vijay Binny. The makers are planning to release a special video byte on August 29, which happens to be Nagarjuna’s birthday. This gesture is sure to delight his loyal fanbase and generate even more buzz surrounding the film. And that’s not all!

The reports also suggest that the title of Nagarjuna’s next project has been almost finalized, and it’s going to be a crazy one. Titled ‘Naa Saami Ranga’, the film’s title promises to be an intriguing blend of mass appeal and entertainment. With the title nearly locked in, the makers are reportedly planning to release the film during the festive season of Sankranthi in 2024. This decision is likely to further elevate the excitement and anticipation surrounding the film, as Sankranthi releases are known for their grandeur and mass appeal.

As these reports continue to make rounds, Nagarjuna’s fans are undoubtedly overjoyed with the prospect of witnessing their favorite star in a full-fledged mass entertainer. After a considerable gap, Nagarjuna’s return to the silver screen is eagerly awaited, and it seems like the wait will soon be over. As we eagerly wait for more updates and official announcements from the team, one thing is certain – Nagarjuna’s 99th film is set to be a treat for all his fans. Stay tuned to the Moviezupp page for further updates.