Martin Luther King Movie Review: Raw And Honest Story!

Martin Luther King Movie Review: Raw And Honest Story!

The burning star Sampuranesh Babu, who has impressed with films like “Hrudaya Kaaleyam”, “Kobbari Matta” and “Cauliflower”, is now coming with a political satirical movie “Martin Luther King”. The film was released today. Let’s find out how the movie is in this review.

Martin Luther King Movie Review

Sampuranesh Babu.. entertains with comedy films. After some gap now, Sampuranesh Babu is coming with another crazy movie, ‘Martin Luther King.’ Directed by newcomer Pooja Kollur, the film is produced by S Shashikant and Chakraborty Ramachandra under the Mahayana Motion Pictures banner under the banner of Vainat Studios and Reliance Entertainment, and along with Sampuranesh Babu, senior actors Naresh, Venkatesh Maha, and Saranya played important roles. The film was released today and got positive responses.

Story of the Movie

The Sarpanch of Padamarapada village in Andhra Pradesh has two sons Jaggu (VK Naresh) and Lokamanya Tilak alias Loki (Venkatesh Maha) from his two wives. Jaggu represents a caste in the northern direction of the village, and Loki represents a caste in the southern part. Even though they are brothers, if there is grass between Jaggu and Loki, there will be a conflict. Eddodu (Sampurnesh Babu), an innocent cobbler in such a village, goes about his life helping everyone. Eddodu becomes crucial as Sarpanch elections are coming in the village.

Why did Sarpanch marry two people from different castes? Why is the Sarpanch offended by the succession politics and power struggle of the two sons, Jaggu and Loki? Why did the “eddodu” need an Aadhaar card and voter card? Why did the postmaster (Sharanya) name Eddodu as Martin Luther King? What were the problems faced by Martin Luther King after getting an Aadhaar and voter card? What were the issues faced by Martin Luther King after getting an Aadhaar and voter card? Why did Sarpanch elections become life-threatening for Martin Luther King? Did Martin Luther King’s plan work out in the Sarpanch elections? The answer to these questions is the story of the Martin Luther King movie.

Cast And Crew

Cast Sampuranesh Babu, V.K. Naresh, Sharanya Pradeep, Venkatesh Maha
Directed by  Pooja Kolluru
Producers  S. Shashikant, Chakravarty Ramachandra
Creative Producer  Venkatesh Maha
Story Madone Ashwin
Screenplay, Dialogues  Venkatesh Maha
DOP  Deepak Yaragera
Editor  Pooja Kolluru
Music  Smaran Sai
Production Designer  Rohan Singh
Costume Designer  G.N.S. Shilpa


Performances of Actors

Sampuranesh Babu was apt in the role of Martin Luther King. He was impressed with his innocent expressions. He used to be loud in previous films but is very settled in this one. Sampu proved that he has a good actor in him. He showed next-level performance as an actor. The little boy who acted as “Chinnodu” with him also did very well. He has a future as an actor. 

Venkatesh Maha and Naresh lived in characters as Sarpanch candidates. Their performance is another highlight. Saranya has done well as a post office worker and as a person who guides sampoo. Raghavan, who played the role of Peddayana, also did well. Other characters are cast naturally, to the extent of scope. 

Martin Luther King Movie Review: Raw And Honest Story!


The film “Martin Luther King” introduced the village’s voting politics. Pooja Kolluru, the new director, has shown how a single vote has affected the political leaders of both groups.

Actually, it is a remake of the Tamil movie `Mandela.‘ Yogi Babu acted there two years ago and got success. So it was remade in Telugu as ‘Martin Luther King.’


Remarkably, this film has been made to reflect the current political situation in the Telugu states and is satirical throughout. The clash between two sections of the people in the village and the destruction of the village asset for the sake of it reflects direct selfish politics. At the same time, it discovers people’s innocence and stupidity. The difference between high caste and low caste, northerners, and southerners, and the problems caused by the quarrels caused by the people of that town, especially children, women, and the elderly, have been shown in the movie very well. It has revealed the real faces of the politicians who are playing with their emotions and creating conflicts among the people of the village for their selfish gain.

Even though the movie’s start is going well, the second half could be a bit faster. However, satirical comedy and humor will make you feel relieved. Even though Sampoornesh and Sharanya acted very well, the screenplay of their scenes should be polished more. The ending of the film attracts the audience. The drama and twists of the film attract the audience. Overall, the effort to impress the viewer about the value of the vote could be more impressive.

Final Words: Martin Luther King makes you laugh and raises awareness of the value of voting. This raw and honest storytelling movie is a must-watch for every voter.

Rating: 3/5